Monday, April 5, 2010

University of Chicago censors facebook

A student at the University of Chicago posted a dream he had about killing on of his professors, who wrote a controversial book, on his facebook page. The University began to question this students political viewpoints, saying they would look into comments he has made on his radio show, and demanding he take the post down. The student contacted FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). FIRE said the post was clearly a joke. If the student really was part of a secret organization set on killing this professor why would he announce it on facebook? The University took the post as a death threat however. The campus police contacted the student and said if the post was taken down in 30 minutes he would not get in trouble and his teacher would not be notified. The student asked for 2 hours, which he was granted and removed the post. This is the second time the University of Chicago has censored a students facebook. The school continues to monitor students off campus Internet use. Since no one threatened legal action the school refused to talk to FIRE anymore.

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