Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cory Victorella's Blog Post

According to inclusion upon seclusion i believe the school is at fault. Lets look at the facts, the students did not know they were being monitored. The pictures were taking in the privacy of their homes while on the lap tops. The school paid for a specific program so they can take photos and track down stolen laptops. I think that since the school not only took pictures from the stolen laptops but also took pictures from random students laptops in a manner of 55,000 pictures they will get charged with invasion of privacy and get a huge fine. I think that they should have made the students aware of this program and only taken pictures from the stolen laptops. It also would have been better if the police monitored this program not the school district, The problem is that they invaded the privacy by using a program and took advantage of the fact that the laptops had web cams

A lot of attention has been given to the Lower Merion School District with the recent scandal of the laptop computers. Students are given laptops to work on both on campus and off campus. Lower Merion's attorney says the tracking program, lanrev, took screen grab images and webcam photos every 15 minutes to help find computers. The school says that most of the pictures came from the stolen laptops and none of the pictures seemed to be inappropriate. But some of the pictures came from students chatting online with friends and there is currently a lawsuit against the school district saying what they did was an invasion of privacy and they shouldn’t be allowed to monitor students when they are off-campus. Also they shouldn’t be taken over 56,000 photos for a few stolen computers that just doesn’t make sense. Also students that didn’t have their laptops stolen reported that they have had their pictures taken chatting online. This definitely violates the privacy of the students at home. Mark Haltzman the attorney representing the student suing the school said, "I am not surprised," Haltzman said. "And remember, that number, 56,000, is only what they've been able to recover. We know that there are many, many more pictures that we believe of even Blake Robbins alone, there's at least another 300 to 400 screenshots and webcam pictures that they haven't been able to recover – or say that they haven't been able to recover." So for the school to be taking these photos of students when they are at the privacy of their own homes is wrong. Haltzman is calling for the computer running the monitoring program to be investigated but the school has yet to turn it over to the police.

Plaintiffs Michael and Holly Robbins think that pictures were being taken while students were attempting to change and during their showers. They also compared this recent scandal with the George Orwell book 1984 calling their school district big brother. .

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